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Enchanted Bali

From the jungle-clad mountains to the white-sand coastline, Bali is a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise wrapped in ancient mystique and fantastical beliefs. Below the volcanic peaks from which the island once sprang, rice terraces texture emerald slopes, the aroma of fresh coconut fills the air, and the intricate temples stand silhouetted against perfect sunsets. Ancient springs feed the spiritual pools, lush jungles shelter stone temples filled with mischievous monkeys, and plantations grow cinnamon and heavenly coffee. The highlights of the Enchanted Bali tour will include the ancient temples, the coral reefs, dance performances, a batik workshop, and a yoga and meditation retreat.

Balinese Architecture

Architectural design is part of Bali's spiritual heritage and it rules the look of traditional homes, temples and even modern buildings. Bali style is timeless, whether it is centuries old or embodied in a new hip villa. And it's not static, as Bali is the site of world-renowned architecture made with renewable materials like bamboo. Architecture brings together the living and the dead, pays homage to the gods and wards off evil spirits, not to mention the torrential rain. As spiritual as it is functional, as mystical as it is beautiful, Balinese architecture is a life force of its own. >>

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

The island of Bali’s green volcanic mountains and iconic rice paddies are rimmed by beautiful beaches and coral reefs. There are hundreds of famous beaches along Bali’s coast and each of them is a favorite destination on its own, each offering crystal clear waters, salty swims and lashings of sunshine. They range from palm-fringed white sand coasts such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur on the island’s south to the cliff-guarded ‘hidden’ shores of Uluwatu, Karma and the dramatic beaches of Nusa Penida. The white and black sand that line each beach is as iconic as the waves that crash into them, as Bali beaches comprise striking black sands...>>

Balinese Visual Art

Bali’s vibrant art scene makes the island so much more than just a tropical beach destination. The paintings, sculptures, dance and music reveal the natural artistic talent inherent in all Balinese, a legacy of their Majapahit heritage. Interestingly, there is no word for “art” or “artist” in Balinese. Until the tourists arrived, the artistic expression was exclusively for religious or ritual purposes. Paintings and carvings were produced purely to decorate temples and shrines, while music dance and theatrical performances were put on to entertain the gods who returned to Bali for important ceremonies. >>

Balinese Dance

Balinese dance is an ancient dance tradition and is part of the religious and artistic expression among the people of Bali. Balinese dance is dynamic, angular and intensely expressive, with the dancers expressing the stories of dance-drama through the gestures of their fingers, hands, head and eyes. There are more than a dozen different dances in Bali, each with rigid choreography, requiring high levels of discipline. The great richness of the ritualistic dance dramas are connected to Hindu or traditional folk rituals, such as the Sanghyang Dedari sacred dance that invokes benevolent hyang spirits, believed to possess the dancers in a trance state during the performance. >>


August 25 - September 4, 2021
10 Days / 9 Nights

Tour starts and ends in Denpasar 

$4,580 double occupancy
$1,480 optional single supplement
$360 additional night, including a private airport transfer, single or double room
Includes all fees and taxes

TOLL FREE: 866-737-9602
240-750-0597 when calling from outside the US 
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