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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Bali

The island of Bali’s green volcanic mountains and iconic rice paddies are rimmed by beautiful beaches and coral reefs. There are hundreds of famous beaches along Bali’s coast and each of them is a favorite destination on its own, each offering crystal clear waters, salty swims and lashings of sunshine. They range from palm-fringed white sand coasts such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur on the island’s south to the cliff-guarded ‘hidden’ shores of Uluwatu, Karma and the dramatic beaches of Nusa Penida. The white and black sand that line each beach is as iconic as the waves that crash into them, as Bali beaches comprise striking black sands on the north and western shorelines, with sleepy undisturbed white-sanded coves in-between. Once the haunt of surfers, Bali's beaches now attract visitors in search of paradise with superb hotels and excellent facilities. 

Kuta Beach – The most famous Bali beach a few minutes from Denpasar Airport, Kuta is a bustling resort town that was once a quiet fishing village. Now, surfers from all over the world come to ride the long waves and the club scene draws plenty of partiers year-round. Kuta is known for its decadence, wide and sandy beaches, glorious red sunsets, and all-day party atmosphere.
Seminyak Beach – In the heart of Bali’s oceanfront action, Seminyak Beach offers an impressive 3 mile stretch of powdery white sand, beach bars, five-star hotels and restaurants and world-famous beach clubs dotting the sand. Seminyak Beach’s waves are perennially popular among surfers, but potentially dangerous for swimmers, but cafés spread their colorful beanbags across the sand late every afternoon for the magical combination of sunsets and cocktails.
Jimbaran Beach – This long, expansive, soft white sand beach is a favorite of beach romantics, where restaurants serve sunset seafood dinners on the sand. Despite its proximity to the airport and all the hedonism of Kuta, Jimbaran remains comparatively undeveloped, and it’s perfect for walking. It is also a genuine village, home to an ancient temple and sprawling produce and fish markets.

Uluwatu Beach – Underneath the dramatic cliffs and the famous Uluwatu Temple sits the flawlessly beautiful Uluwatu Beach with an established surfing reputation. The beach is a great place for simply relaxing or enjoying a quiet swim, especially when the tide goes out as. The background is the cliffs standing above beautiful, clear blue waters. The added bonus are the caves which can be accessed from the stairs leading down to the beach.
Karma Beach – Karma is quite a treat, starting with the descent down to it which is made in a funicular. The crescent of sand facing the ocean and backed by sheer cliffs is designed to include all the little beach luxuries: from signature cocktails, private beach cabanas and palm and tarot readings, to snorkeling, paddle boarding and beachside massages, this beach cub has earned its reputation as one of the most exclusive in Bali.
Nusa Penida’s Kelingking Beach – This secluded, white sandy beach with turquoise waters enclosed by a steep cliff and a headland is hands-down the most beautiful beach in Bali (actually on a little island of Nusa Penida off the coast). Its iconic emerald green cliff-line soaring into the sky from the turquoise waters below is one of the most photographed sights in Bali. While difficult to get to, the pure raw beauty of the sight is a reward enough for all the bouncing on Nusa Penida’s dirt-track roads.
Nusa Penida’s Angel Bilabong Beach – Another amazing sight on Nusa Penida started out as a cave whose roof has eroded over time leaving a large hole in the ground that looks like the imprint of a giant’s fist. Water has spilled over from the sea into the cave, and the walk along the cliffs allows for a close up look at the amazing natural phenomenon. The lucky ones may also get a glips of a manta ray swimming down below.

Sanur Beach – Edging its seemingly never-ending stretch of white sand, Sanur has a coastal promenade that extends over 3 miles past resorts, beachfront cafes, wooden fishing boats and elegant old villas. It is best enjoyed early in the morning, as it is in prime position for spectacular sunrises. Sanur is the opposite of the touristy Kuta, and its small fishing village charm is still intact, with laid-back atmosphere, great for kite flying on the beach.
Nusa Dua Beach - A seemingly endless stretch of powder white perfection, Nusa Dua Beach is so flawless, it almost looks manmade. Once a swampy mangrove, it has been transformed into the perfect coastline sheltered by palm trees and fringed by resorts with manicured lawns and tropical gardens. Nusa Dua offers a serenity and tranquility unfound elsewhere on Bali. The waters are crystal clear and perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and during low tide, the coral reef is exposed and ready to be explored.