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The Baltic Renaissance
Framed by the Baltic Sea to the north and west and their former Russian rulers to the east, the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia have cast off the shadows of the past and embraced a brilliant spirit of independence, honoring their rich history and heritage while looking ahead to a prosperous future. The capital cities of Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn sit amid spectacular Nordic landscapes and offer a unique insight into Northern Europe that is like taking a trip back in time, walking down peaceful lanes... more


Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast
Discover the Pearls of the Adriatic: the white marble Dubrovnik, facing the sea and surrounded by formidable walls, Split with Emperor's Diocletian Palace and the medieval Trogir. Visit the lavender covered island of Hvar, stroll among the blue-green terraced Plitvice lakes and waterfalls and sail among the lemon-scented Adriatic islands with tiny, red-roofed villages spilling to the sea. more

Experience the spa culture of Budapest, the champagne night-time cruise on the Danube and the mighty Buda Castle. Then travel to Vienna, filled with the Old World elegance, Viennese pastries and coffee, Mozart and waltz music and the mighty Danube weaving through it all. End the tour with the dreamy cityscape of Prague's winding lanes, stone bridges and delicate spires, set in the legendary Bohemia. Enjoy the best in classical music, Art Nouveau architecture, and the city's medieval splendor. more

Paris and Provence
Fall in love with Paris, the City of Light, as you visit the Notre Dame, Louvre and Versailles. Take a cruise on the Seine and a culinary gourmet walk through the Left Bank. Enjoy a culinary tour and dinner atop the Eiffel Tower. Then travel to a luxury villa in Provence and visit Avignon, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, Pont du Gard, Provencal villages and vineyards. Take a wine appreciation class and a private cooking lesson. more

GERMANY / Summer

Germany in Summer: Fairytales and History
Beneath its facade of efficiency and pragmatism is an inspiring land of creativity, romance and soul-stirring scenery. Germany is a country brimming with history, spectacular architecture, spirit-lifting culture, and thousands of museums. The German countryside is filled with spellbinding landscapes, winding rivers and never ending vineyards. Germany celebrates its historical and cultural treasures in picturesque towns of cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses, with soothing landscapes dotted with imposing fairytale... more 

GERMANY / Christmas
GERMANY / Winter

Christmas Markets
Experience the true Old World charm and heart-warming Christmas traditions, as you explore the Advent markets held in towns and villages throughtout Germany. Visit the modern Berlin, baroque Dresden, and medieval Munich, as you enjoy the romance of train travel, history, food, music and fairytale snowy landscapes. more

Athens and the Greek Isles
Encounter history where it was made while enjoying the paradise surroundings of the Aegean Sea. Tour the Acropolis, the Agora and the ancient temples of Athens. Then sail on a private yacht and walk on the volcano of the mythical Atlantis, as you enjoy the black sand, the azure seas and the spectacular sunsets of Santorini. From your base at a luxury resort, discover the Minoan civilizations, the beaches, foods and wines of Crete. more

Masters and Artisans
Embracing the North Sea, the Low Countries of the Netherlands and Belgium burst with the artistic riches of the Old World. Filled with colorful carpets of tulips and imaginative flower displays and the cutting-edge art, both old and new, the region is full of unexpected riches: romantic canals, watery landscapes which inspired Vermeer and his contemporaries, fairytale medieval cities, windmills set in green, lush countryside, and the romantic canals lined with gravity-defying houses. more


Geysers and Glaciers
Iceland is the land of surreal opposites: raging volcanoes and majestic glaciers, hot springs and icy waterfalls. Much of the country is still taking shape, right before the eyes of visitors, as its raw, dramatic landscapes are born from volcanic eruptions and carved out by glaciers.  This breathtakingly beautiful island offers both exhilarating adventures amid the moss-covered lava fields, volcanoes and ice fields and the understated sophistication of Reykjavik, the world's northernmost capital city. more


Dublin and the Emerald Isle
Steeped in the mist of history and woven into a rich tapestry of arts and literature, Ireland offers magnificent landscapes of vibrant mossy hills and dramatic coast strewn with castles, prehistoric monuments and manor houses, as well as a fascinating Celtic heritage. Follow in the footsteps of Irish writers in Dublin, see the wind-swept Cliffs of Moher, the rock-encrusted Burren, the translucent Killarney lakes, the spectacular Ring of Kerry seascapes, then join in a singalong in a local pub. more

ITALY / Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast
Dramatically beautiful, wild, daring and romantic, the Amalfi Coast defines an Italian luxury escape. Marvel at the dramatic Amalfi coastline with aquamarine waters, steep cliffs and lemon groves below the Vesuvius, tour Pompeii and Naples and the romantic island of Capri. Take a cooking class in the unique setting of Ravello, walk through the fragrant gardens of Positano, suspended over the sparkling sea, tour the Greek temples in Paestum, and take a private boat tour of secluded beaches, coves and grottoes of the Sorrento Peninsula. more

ITALY / Rome

Eternal Rome
Rome is one of the world's great cities. It's the city of the Caesars and la dolce vita, of long sunny days, endless art galleries, churches and museums, of fountain-splashed piazzas and majestic monuments from Rome's Imperial Golden Age. Rome is a city where the ancient buildings, cobbled medieval streets and Renaissance domes set the stage for great wine bars, fabulous dining, sidewalk cafes and incomparable shopping. more

ITALY / Sicily

The Secret of Sicily
In many ways, Sicily is the ultimate Italy. Rich in art, archaeological treasures, history, creative cuisine and the breathtaking Mediterranean scenery, the island has been the crossroads between Europe and Africa for centuries. Sicily is warm, golden, and sprinkled with blindingly white Greek temples. This is where Archimedes taught, St. Paul preached and where the omnipresent Mount Etna made history. more

ITALY / Tuscany

Classic Tuscany
Spend an idyllic vacation in Tuscany, as you discover the glorious towns of Siena, Florence, Cortona and San Gimignano. Enjoy the sun, the verdant hills covered in vineyards, the wines and the amazing food. Stay in a lovingly restored luxury Tuscan villa in the Chianti hills, attend a private Tuscan cooking class and spend your days marveling at countless art treasures, perfect vistas and the unique magic of Tuscany. more

ITALY / Venice

Venice and the Italian Lakes
See La Scala and the Last Supper in the uber-chic Milan. Relax at the romantic Lake Como, with Bellagio, opulent villas, tropical gardens and the majestic Alps. Visit Juliet's hose in Verona and fall in love with the magical Venice: the mysterious canals filled with gondolas, Piazza San Marco, Doges' Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, sumptuous palazzos along the Grand Canal, La Fenice and the glorious Venetian art. Marvel at stories of forbidden love as you ride the gondola, listen to Vivaldi or watch Murano artisans produce glass masterpieces. more


Summer and Winter Tours to Norway
Explore the vast stretches of serene, yet exhilarating landscapes, from the deep, blue-black fjords and rearing snowy peaks to jagged forested hills, from the seemingly limitless expanse of the Arctic tundra to the plunging river valleys. These grand scale landscapes are dotted with cosmopolitan cities and amiable small towns which exemplify the Scandinavian sophistication in architecture, design and the flair for living in one with nature. 

People are mesmerized with Poland because of its unique blend of "fairytale come alive" scenery, warm and passionate locals and the ever-present sense of history. The Soul of Poland tour offers a rich insight into European history in the modern Warsaw and the historic Krakow: the Teutonic Knights, the Golden Age of the Renaissance, the Art Nouveau movement, and the bleak years of communism, but this journey will also delight you with the natural beauty of its mountains and the picture-perfect countryside. more

Lisbon and the Silver Coast 
Enjoy the magical landscapes of glorious beaches rimmed with golden cliffs, Moorish fortresses, fairytale walled towns, enchanting old fishing villages, baroque palaces and fantastical Manueline architecture. Attend a live fado music performance, tour a Portuguese porcelain factory exhibiting the Moorish patterns, visit the Douro Valley flowing with port wine, and indulge in amazing Portuguese cuisine. more


Imperial Russia
Nothing will ever quite prepare you for the imperial grandeur, glitz and glamour of Saint Petersburg, and this tour will introduce us to some of the most revered cultural and historical landmarks of the city: the Faberge Museum, the "Russian Versailles" of Peterhof Palace, the royal residence of Catherine Palace with its Gardens in Tsarskoe Selo, the incomparable Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, a cruise on the canals that have earned Saint Petersburg the moniker "Venice of the North", and to top it all... more


Andalucia, Madrid and Barcelona
The image of Spain is one of color, romance, passion. Our journey through this enchanted and culturally diverse land will explore Seville, Cordoba and Granada with the Alhambra, while staying on the achingly beautiful Costa del Sol in southern Andalucia, then the royal Madrid and the perfectly medieval Toledo in central Castilla-La Mancha, followed by the architecturally stunning city of Barcelona in eastern Catalonia, with excursions to Montserrat, Girona and Costa Brava. more


Cool Switzerland
Beyond cheese, chocolate and cuckoo clocks, lies the contemporary Switzerland, land of four languages, once-in-a-lifetime journeys, heart-racing Alpine pursuits and tantalizing urban culture. Switzerland offers ravishing landscapes of green pastures, hiking trails, views of glacier-encrusted Alps, glittering lake shores and pea-green vineyards. But it also has an urban edge: Bern’s medieval old town and world-class modern art, deeply Germanic Basel and its bold architecture, chic Geneva on Europe’s largest lake... more 


London and the English Countryside
Enjoy the urban chic of London, sprinkled with the magic of royalty, art and gardens. See a West End theatre play, ride on the London Eye, tour the Tower of London, the British Museum, and take the Thames River cruise. Then venture to the picture perfect Cotswolds, discover the hidden Oxford, look for Jane Austen's heritage in Bath and visit the prehistoric Stonehenge. more


Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands 
Discover the stunning natural beauty of Scotland’s Highlands and the historically evocative cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Explore the Scottish Highlands, stopping at Loch Lomond and the historic Glencoe. Enjoy the Isle of Skye in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, travel along Loch Ness to the charming city of Inverness and explore the haunting ruins of Urquhart Castle, historic Culloden Moor, and the medieval St. Andrews. Tour the 18th-century Georgian "New Town", the medieval "Old Town," the Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, and appreciate Glasgow’s unique architecture. more

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