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Travel Checklist
Within 2 weeks of registering for the tour
  • get trip cancellation and travel health insurance or send back insurance waiver
6 to 3 months before departure
  • arrange for air tickets
90 to 30 days before departure
  • read a book on your destination
30 days before departure
  • check foreign ATM withdrawal fees charged by your bank (they change frequently)
  • start a "don't forget to take." list
One week before departure
  • go over the packing list and decide what to take, get items that you're missing
  • advise family/friends of the trip's itinerary
  • advise a neighbor to watch house
  • arrange lodging for pets
  • stop newspaper delivery
  • make 2 photocopies of your passport, credit cards and driver's license (one set goes in your checked luggage, the other stays at home)
  • inform bank and credit card companies that you will be using the cards in your destination
  • verify check-in/carry-on rules for your airline
  • see if you can reserve seats for your flight
  • check weather forecast for your destination
One day before departure
  • pack your bags
  • clean/set refrigerator, throw away items that won't last until you return
  • have post office hold mail
  • water plants
  • unplug major appliances 
  • change message on answering machine, set up email auto responder
Day of departure
  • leave key with a friend/neighbor
  • set heat/air-conditioning, set timers and lights
  • recheck your bags
  • before you leave the house, stop for 10 minutes to think about your trip and remind yourself why you're going and what you're most looking forward to
  • identification documents
  • itinerary
  • tickets
  • cash
  • car and house keys