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Krakow is considered a gem of medieval and Renaissance architecture and a European cultural capital. It's a magical place where legends are mixed with reality, and stories from the old times still find relevance in contemporary life. Krakow proves to be Poland's prime tourist attraction and it hardly has any equals in Central Europe. The archeological findings prove that the place was settled in the Stone Age.

The Old Town district is located where the medieval city was established in 1257 by Prince Boleslaw V, who ruled Poland at the time. The well preserved original grid of streets with Europe's largest central square seems the last stage in the perfection of city-planning in the Middle Ages. In its long history, Krakow has seen many ups and downs. The proud capital of a mighty kingdom for centuries, it was turned into a sleepy borderland town of the Austrian Empire in the 19th century. Then, at the turn of the century, it became a vital center of Polish national awakening and the cradle of Poland's rebirth, only to be reduced to backwater first under the Nazis, and then under the Communist regimes. Today, Krakow, a city of nearly one million people, has been restored back to its well deserved status as one of Europe's great cities.

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