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Tours to Norway

Explore the vast stretches of serene, yet exhilarating landscapes, from the deep, blue-black fjords and rearing snowy peaks to jagged forested hills, from the seemingly limitless expanse of the Arctic tundra to the plunging river valleys. These grand scale landscapes are dotted with cosmopolitan cities and amiable small towns which exemplify the Scandinavian sophistication in architecture, design and the flair for living in one with nature. The essence of Norway’s appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, the ultimate nature-lover’s paradise.

Northern Lights

Ever since the Aurora Borealis were first seen, their beauty has mesmerized all who have witnessed them. But what are they, and how are they created? The ancient Greenlanders thought the Northern Lights were a sign from heaven that their ancestors were trying to contact the living. The Norwegians saw them as old maids dancing. However, modern science tells us that the Lights are created by charged solar particles ejected from the Sun in a solar wind during explosions or flares. If these particles reach the Earth – a journey that takes two or three days – they are diverted around the planet by the Earth’s magnetic fields. Read More


The old Hanseatic city of Bergen proudly wears the nickname “Gateway to the fjords” for its supreme location close to the fjords of Western Norway. However, Bergen also boasts a proud history, a rich cultural life and an intimate urban city center, beautifully surrounded by seven mountains and several islands. Read More

The Red King Crab

The red king crab, which is native to the Pacific Ocean, was introduced in the Murmansk fjord near the Norwegian-Russian border by Russian scientists in the 1960s. It quickly migrated along the coast of Finnmark in Norway. This came despite early Norwegian attempts to halt the spread, due to concerns about how this alien species would affect marine life. Read More

North Cape

At 71°10′21′′, North Cape is the northernmost point on the European mainland. On a journey along the coast of Norway, passing through rough waters or snow covered terrain, suddenly a mountain cliff comes into view, rising 1,000 feet above the Arctic Ocean. While travelers once had to climb up the cliff, now it is accessible by bus from Honningsvåg. Read More


September 1 - 11, 2019
11 Days / 10 Nights

This tour starts in Bergen and ends in Oslo 

$5,880 double occupancy
$2,800 optional single supplement
$380 additional night, including a private airport transfer, single or double room
Includes all fees and taxes


February 24 - March 5, 2020
11 Days / 10 Nights

This tour starts in Oslo and ends in Bergen

$5,480 double occupancy
$1,610 optional single supplement
$340 additional night, including a private airport transfer, single or double room
Includes all fees and taxes

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