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The Treasury
When you emerge from the Siq into Petra, the first building you'll see is Al Khazneh, also known as The Treasury. Built between 100 BC and AD 200, The Treasury is the stuff of legend. One story says that a stone urn on the second floor of The Treasury served as a hiding place for pirates' loot. In the tale, the Bedouins shot at the urn to break it open, and this story is plausible because bullet damage is visible on the urn. A second legend notes that the building was the treasury of Khaznet Far'oun, the Pharaoh during Moses' time. 
An elaborate building carved out of a sandstone cliff, The Treasury's intricate sculptures appear to be of mythological figures, though much of their detail has eroded. The Treasury was featured in several movies, including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. It was the subject of a National Geographic series about its creation, as well as a Sky 1 Travel series, An Idiot Abroad.

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