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The Futuristic Dubai

Architecture in Dubai
Visitors' imaginations are mesmerized by Dubai’s architectural wonders. While many people are not familiar with Arabian wind towers or courtyard houses, most have heard about the evocative sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, the indoor snow resort Ski Dubai, and the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. When the World Trade Centre was built in 1979, it stood as the sole skyscraper in a desert landscape, raising questions about its purpose. But today, the World Trade Centre appears antiquated next to the sleek high-rises... 

Dubai - The City of Gold
Dubai is called the "City of Gold" because of its dynamic growth from a sleepy Gulf village to a global business crossroads in the space of a single generation. Also, the city’s futuristic design, luxurious shopping venues, contemporary architecture and the abundance of goods and projects throughout signify extreme wealth, synonymous with gold. But the “City of Gold” nickname has a literal meaning for Emirates traders in the precious metal and with a good reason. Dubai has built itself as a major gold trading center... 

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
Despite shopping malls and skyscrapers having overshadowed the endless Arabian Desert from which the city of Dubai grows, the desert will always be written on the soul of the Emirates. Dubai has come of age in the time of environmental conservation, and the recent conservation movement, led by the ruling sheikh, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has been focused on the development of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, the country's first national park, founded in 1977, a fragile ecosystem every bit as awe-inspiring... 

Dubai, is a vision of the future. Wrapped in starkly evocative desert splendor, the city is a mecca of culture, finance, and innovation. Beautifully designed architectural wonders house an exciting influx of cultural institutions, galleries, and shopping complexes, glittering cityscapes dazzle visitors and sci-fi concepts such as flying taxis or a lightning-fast hyperloop train reflect a mindset that fearlessly embraces the future. As the wealthiest country in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is often associated with glamour and opulence, and the centers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi live up to that reputation. With its superlative-craving society dreaming up and realizing space-age projects, stunningly high buildings and palm-shaped islands, Dubai is a city firmly in charge of writing its own narrative.


December 2024
7 Days / 6 Nights

This tour starts and ends in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai
Dubai has over 100 malls, including the largest mall in the world. These are spread across the city, and each of Dubai’s shopping venues take the retail experience to a new level (or multiple levels!). In addition to virtually every global brand, there are plenty of unique, home-grown boutiques and labels not seen anywhere else in the world. There is also an incredible collection of traditional souks (markets) trading in perfume, gold, textiles, spices and more, and in Dubai shopping there is a whole experience in itself.  

Traditional Gahwa Ceremony
Coffee is integral to Arab hospitality, and the traditions associated with it are essential to the region’s heritage. Serving Arabic coffee to guests is an important element of hospitality in Arab and Emirati societies and a symbolic act of generosity. Arabic coffee (pronounced “gahwa” in the Emirati Arabic dialect) has been a central part of Arab culture for centuries and its preparation and serving is marked by elaborate traditions and rituals. So deeply is coffee connected to Emirati daily life that every day starts with coffee...