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Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

Eclectic, cosmopolitan, simultaneously Latin and European, Buenos Aires is not just a city, but a melting pot of the most diverse cultures. Since its foundation, which, as a sign foretelling the city's split personality happened twice, in 1536 and again in 1580, Buenos Aires has been influenced by many traditions and continues to transform itself at a lightning pace, keeping one eye on the newest trends and the other on preserving its essence. Visiting Buenos Aires will allow you to get a deep insight into the city's historical evolution through its most emblematic neighborhoods, see special places which have become true icons of the city and discover the way of life and traditions of its inhabitants.

Buenos Aires, located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, the seductive, sexy, lively and confident world capital is unforgettable. Portenos, the diverse people of Buenos Aires, have an elaborate and rich cultural identity. The beautiful and prestigious Recoleta, trendy Palermo, business El Centro, timeless San Telmo, picturesque Puerto Madero and colorful La Boca all contribute to the Buenos Aires' vivacity and uniqueness.

The city's biggest attraction is its people. The book readers in the outdoor cafés, the dancers in the smoky tango bars, and the passionate citizens discussing government and football on the street-corners are the essence of Buenos Aires. The city has one of the greatest entertainment and nightlife scenes in the world. Theaters, tango shows, bars, and clubs all exhibit the great South American flair. The innovative food, the excellent wines, the bargain shopping from designer labels to street hawkers, the tango danced in the streets, all add to the attraction of the city adorned with a wealth of old-world cafés, colonial architecture, outdoor markets and diverse communities.