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Antarctica Expedition Cruise

The Early Explorers of Antarctica
Although it is now a frozen wilderness Antarctica was once much further north and it had a tropical or semi-tropical climate. Forests grew there and life flourished. The Ancient Greeks realized there might be a great continent in the southern hemisphere. Aristotle argued that since the world is round there must be a landmass in the southern hemisphere to balance the land in the northern hemisphere. However, the Greeks and later peoples had no way of proving it.

Antarctic Penguins
All 17 penguin species live exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere apart from the Galapagos penguin which just about qualifies as living in the Northern Hemisphere as it spans a narrow band at the equator in the Galapagos Islands. True Antarctic species, breed on or near continental Antarctica.

There is nowhere on Earth more awe-inspiring than the White Continent of Antarctica. Surrounded by the otherworldly backdrops blanketed in virgin snow, we'll discover the Anarctic Peninsula and the Anarctic Sound, where endless untouched white mountains roll to the horizon and massive glaciers churn icebergs into the sea. As the austral summer burgeons, the small-ship Antarctica expedition will take us into an ethereal world of never-ending blue glaciers, extreme temperatures, and towering mountains, creating an awe-inspiring majesty unlike anything we have encountered before. With a plenitude of wildlife flying, swimming, and waddling the shores and the continent's surprisingly rich and varied history, this ultimate adventure will keep on giving long after we’ve returned home. If it is change that you are after, if it is peace and tranquility you search, if it is undiscovered grandeur that you seek, then it can only be found in Antarctica. The continent of Antarctica is a fabled, ice-crowned wonder with exotic wildlife and uncanny landscapes set in an extreme and pristine isolation few have experienced. No place on Earth can compare! Join us on this life-changing experience, as we set sail and set foot on the world's final frontier. We can guarantee nothing will ever be the same again.


February 10 - 22, 2024
13 Days / 12 Nights

This tour starts and ends in Santiago, Chile

$14,400 per person/double occupancy; door–to–door, including all flights, airport transfers and pre- and post-cruise hotel (Vista Suite, other suite types available)
$10,800 optional single supplement (Vista Suite, other suites available)
Includes all fees and taxes

Glaciers and Ice in Antarctica
There are many glaciers in the Antarctic. This set of lists does not include ice sheets, ice caps or ice fields, such as the Antarctic ice sheet, but includes glacial features that are defined by their flow, rather than general bodies of ice.